Posts for 2018

Projects Over the Last Few Years

As mentioned in the previous post, over the last few years I haven't made use of or added anything to my website, due to a mixture of the system being a hassle to use and more important things taking my time. A fair chunk of my time have been devoted to my computer/software engineering degree at QUT, which has been a great experience thus far. That said, this post aims to summarise the things I've done and released that weren't added to the website during this time.

First I participated in two more Ludum Dares, three if you count the fact that I didn't make a post about Super Space Invader, the result of Ludum Dare 31. Ludum Dares 34 and 37 resulted in Labyrinthian and Keeper of the Altar, respectively. I'd count Super Space Invader, an action-packed two-button arcade shooter, as the most polished Ludum Dare game I've ever made. Labyrinthian had an interesting vibe and gameplay mechanic but was a bit letdown by its implementation. Keeper of the Altar was another well-made arcade game by my standards, with similar features to Super Space Invader; my third best Ludum Dare game in my opinion.

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Website Overhaul

After four or so years of inactivity I decided I'd give the website an overhaul. I registered a new, better-looking domain ( and over the past couple weeks I've programmed a new system and ported over the majority of the content from the previous website ( The main noteworthy features are a revamped games section and new photo gallery showcasing some of the photos I've taken over the past few years.

As good as Jekyll (what the old website ran on) was, it had become cumbersome for me. Regenerating and uploading the website after each change took longer with each new piece of content and eventually became too much for me to bother. Besides this, I wanted greater and easier flexibility for different types of content; perhaps Jekyll has improved here, as it's been a long time since I've kept up-to-date with the project. That said, my favourite about Jekyll was being able to update a site based on text files, so I incorporated that functionality into the new system. Files are pushed to the server using Git and the server updates its database using the diff produced by the push. It's convenient and Git pushes are often quicker than comparative SFTP uploads.

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