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Published Dec 19, 2011

Uncorrupted is the game I created in less than 48 hours for Ludum Dare 22, in which it scored place #34 out of around 720 entries (here's the top 50). It's a platformer/shooter kind of game, where you're a robot (who's remarkably human-like in thinking) with no idea where or who you are. It's apparent that you're in some kind of research facility. It's also apparent that all the researchers are dead, lying on the ground. But why?

Source and License

You can find the full source for the game at its GitHub repository. Be warned that because of the tight time limit, the code is more messy organisational-wise than I would've liked. Everything (code, art, sound, etc.) is licensed under the zlib/libpng license.

Software Used

  • FlashPunk - The awesome Flash game engine.
  • TextMate - Text editor.
  • Pixen - Pixel art editor.
  • Ogmo Editor 0.9 - Level editor. 0.9 is the old AIR version.
  • Bfxr - Sound effect generator.
  • Audacity - Sound editor which I used to convert all sound effects to MP3 format.
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements - Cut down version of the most used image editor, Photoshop. I used this (version 6) to create the light that appears at the end.


  • To the guys at Ludum Dare for running such an awesome competition.
  • To Chevy Ray and Draknek for their work on FlashPunk.
  • To Noel Berry for his great FlashPunk lighting tutorial.