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Posted on:December 8, 2014

Labyrinthian was created in under 48 hours for Ludum Dare 31. It’s a dark, possibly unnerving, game where you must attempt to navigate through a series shifting rooms equipped with only a flashlight and a pistol. Monsters lurk in the dark making the journey that much harder.

The unique mechanic of the game is how the levels change. On every level there is a secluded wall that when you look at it, the world will change behind your back. This is keeping within the competition’s theme of “Entire Game on One Screen”.

Be warned, the game is a little buggy, and has been known to cause frustration due to its difficulty and occasional tedium.

To run the game on Windows the executable must be in the same folder with the accompanied DLL files. To run the .love file, you’ll need LÖVE 0.9.1 or above, which you can download from its homepage.

Source and Licence

You can find all the source code and assets for the game at its GitHub repository. Everything is licensed under the zlib/libpng license.


Here’s a timelapse of my 39 hours work putting the game together, compressed into 3.5 minutes.

Software Used