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Super Space Invader
Posted on:December 14, 2015

Super Space Invader is an action-packed arcade shooter created in under 48 hours for Ludum Dare 34. It combines space invaders, bullet hell, some Vlambeer, and other influences. You can plough through 13 waves, choosing from 13 ship upgrades after completing each one, or skip straight to the last (infinite) wave with a fully upgraded ship in sandbox mode.

Keeping with the theme of two-button controls, there are only two buttons: left and right. Hold both together to confirm menu item selection (or just press enter if that’s proving difficult). Tap both together to toggle the shield (available after a couple waves).

Source and Licence

All source and assets are licensed under the zlib/libpng license.

Software Used

  • LÖVE 0.9.2 - The game engine.
  • Ammo - Framework for LÖVE.
  • HardonCollider - Collision detection library.
  • Sublime Text 3 - Text editor.
  • Pixen - Pixel art editor.
  • Bfxr - Sound effect generator based on Sfxr.
  • Logic Pro X - Audio composition program, used for music and vocal effects.
  • Audacity - Sound editor which I used to convert all sound effects to Ogg.
Super Space Invader screenshot 1Super Space Invader screenshot 2Super Space Invader screenshot 3