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Pixel Says: A Game with One Pixel

A couple days ago I felt like doing a quick game for a little change from the game I've been working on for the last seven weeks. For some reason, I decided that limiting myself to only one pixel would be a cool idea. So last night, in an hour and a half, using FlashPunk, I put together a Simon Says remake called Pixel Says.

Obviously, the only thing that I wasn't able to do successfully with one pixel is have instructions given inside the game; other than that it was perfectly possible to do.

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AMFPHP Toolbox v2 Final Released!

The final version of AMFPHP v2.0, my ActionScript library for working with AMFPHP, has been released. A number of things have been changed since the beta version and I'm going to go over them here.

First of all I'll introduce the new CallQueue class. This class acts has some similarities with CallSet, and it's functionality is to move a list of call objects up a queue (in the first in first out order) calling them as limitations allow. Say we have 10 calls to make, and we put them in a queue like this:

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